Bali Island History
Bali Island History

Bali Island History (The Island of God)

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Bali Island History, why Bali is called the Island of God? In Bahasa is “Pulau Dewata? Lets check it out.

Bali is an island with an area of less than 1/300 of Indonesia area. But do not doubt the reputation of Bali island as an icon of Indonesian tourism in the world.

The island has just received a pretty proud award from a famous tourist site, TripAdvisor in March 2017.

Bali won the award of the traveler’s choice award as the best island in 2017 overcome some world-class attractions such as London , Rome , New York , Barcelona and many others.

Looking at all that, surely you think the beauty of this island that makes it voted as the best island. But do you know what kind of beauty is offered in the island of god?

Here are some brief reviews about the tourist attractions in Bali you should to know, let’s check it out!

Before we talk about the beauty of tourist attractions in Bali, we talk about the location of the area of the island which is located adjacent to the island of Nusa Tenggara as you know Lombok Island.

Bali Island History

Bali is a region with a very long history. This area has been inhabited around the 2000th century BC by the Austronesians. In the 8th century the migrants brought a very thick Hindu culture here.

The marriage of one of the founding daughters of the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom of Majapahit – the one with a Balinese king named Udayana Warmadewa further strengthens Shivaism in this area. Shivaism itself is one of the traditions in Hindu belief.

Not surprisingly, Hinduism becomes the majority religion adopted by almost 84% of the people here.

With an area of approximately 5780 km2, the part of Indonesia is located between Java and Lombok Island is divided into 9 districts namely Jembrana, Badung, Tabanan, Klungkung, Denpasar, Gianyar, Karangasem, Bangli and Buleleng.

Bali is bordered by the Bali Sea to the north and the Indonesian Ocean to the south. Then to the west is the Bali Strait and Lombok Strait in the east.

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Not surprisingly, you can easily find beautiful beach resorts on the island.

Culture is one thing that can not be separated from the existence of a tourist attraction in Bali. Therefore this time we will review the interesting things that exist in tourist destinations in Bali.

The term Bali is Island of God (Pulau Dewata)

The term “Pulau Dewata” (read: The Island of God) is often used when talking about places of tourist attractions in Bali. Do you know where his nickname came from? This nickname is inspired by the island’s spiritual beliefs.

In ancient Balinese culture, it is known that nine Hindu sects are Shiva Shidanta, Brahma, Bhairawa, Pasupata, Bodha, Waisnawa, Sora, Ganapatya, and Rishis. Each sect has its own god.

Local people call “the gods” with “dewa”. From there the nickname of the Island of the Gods appears and is identical with Bali.

That is article about Bali Island History (The Island of God), hope you guys get the useful information.

Happy Holiday in Bali!

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